About us

Simi Press is an English and Spanish-language magazine and small press based in Lima, Peru and Alaska. The magazine covers a wide range of topics from news, local events, and research articles, to literature, music and art. Our main focus is the stories, through languages and cultures. We also focus on digital storytelling, past and present, and telling a side that mainstream media overlooks through words, photos, video, or graphics.

The Press

Our book publishing focuses on fiction in Spanish and English, translations, poetry, bilingual books, non-fiction of worth. and other genres that press the limits, stand out, have something to say, or get overlooked by the general public. We don’t churn out a large quantity lot of books but the ones we do release are good. We publish both electronic and print versions.

Write for us

Freelancers interested in writing for the magazine should send a short story, selection of poems, photo essay, or news pitch along with a writing sample to We don’t currently pay for magazine pieces, but you will be added to the contributor’s section of the website. For book proposals, please send a detailed outline of the book, approximate length, a sample chapter, and information about yourself.