Joey Carney


Woman of the Old Roads by Juan Rodríguez Pérez
The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran


A Brief Primer on Vice and Sex in Colonial Vietnam in Saigoneer
The Spanish Flu in Alaska: Why some villages were devastated and others unscathed in Anchorage Press
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Short Stories

Circumstance in Stratus: Journal of Arts and Writing
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For Gentle Maii in Fiction365

Travel Writing

Street Actors in Lima in hackwriters

In Progress

Trilce by Cesar Vallejo – Translation for Bilingual Edition
Letters from the West – Novel


I was born in the great city of Springfield, MO, land of cow fields and green rivers that I still associate with good days skipping school. I have been a cook, a carpenter, a teacher, a lawn guy, a musician, and a night watchman. I grew up dreaming that I would woo crowds with my guitar and voice, but instead was too shy and spent great amounts of time dancing when no one was around. I left home when I was 18 and life has kept me moving. I found a home in Alaska, the love of my life in Peru, and more questions in Saigon.

I write and translate, in case you didn’t figure that out from the web page. I’ve taken writing courses at the University of Washington with Lyn Coffin, with Alonso Cueto in Lima, Peru, and an advanced editing and publishing workshop at the University of San Marcos, Peru. I published in the literary journal Stratus and am currently working on a book. I don’t like to talk about myself, the effort put forth here has left me exhausted, but in hopes that it will bring me a job offer as I’ve never really managed to save much money.