207th Bone


In this poetry collection written by the Chinese poet Zhou Li (周立), the poems have no title and are only separated by blank lines. This doesn’t seem to be the author’s deliberate arrangement; he just let the poems be what they are. Much like a person’s daily life: every day, week, month or year that passes does not have a definite theme, but this does not hinder every day from becoming every day and every year becoming every year. The days we spend may be happy, depressing, painful, empty, or even despairing. So are these poems; their existence is their meaning. They are not higher or lower than life itself.

Xi Nan, translator

Xi Nan and Zhou Li read from 207th Bone in English and Chinese

Use my books

To build a


Based on a non-linear language

It’s about 1.8 meters long

60 centimeters high

40 centimeters wide

The one book in the southeast corner

Will be given to you

So that wind

Can blow in

The friend on the phone

Can’t stop crying

The grandma who had loved her, passed away

But she doesn’t have enough money

To go back home

She is a poor person


Once sent me a photo

That was in a satiny desert

A bird was

Wrapped in a kasaya

I really envy

Those plants

In broad daylight

They can make love with

Their lovers at a distance

207th Bone

Available on August 15th with Simi Press.

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