Word or two



I’m watching you
Yet still worried that you might disappear
I’m hugging you
Yet still worried that you might disappear

Moon will not disappear
Sun will not disappear

Even on a overcast day
Even when you can’t see them
You know they did not disappear
(This is the only way to console myself)


If you are gold
sooner or later one day
you will be discovered
sooner or later one day
you will be burned into
rings, necklaces, earrings
or medals


There are a few days
We shower together
Sleep together
Wake up together
Eat together
Even pee together
Even shit together
I take a shit
You watch beside me
Only a few days.

She asked me if she could have breast cancer, I said you haven’t turned 20 how is that possible

her breasts
inside grow
a few hard lumps
as into night
meteors fall
I act the same as wishing
touching around

I want to walk out

from the ground walk to the sky
walk until the ground of the sky

then walk back before dinner

When I am thinking of you

when I am thinking of you
also have some chewing gum
thinking of your not too thick cock
gnawed on by me
repeatedly chomped
until it becomes without taste
then spit it out
sticking to the soles of whomever
then let it go home with whomever

I really hope

I really hope
I am a stretch of grassland
to let you run fancy free
having forgotten yourself
are a horse

Time Difference

When I wake up,
You go to sleep.

And when I sleep,
You wake up.

We live together only in
Each other’s dreams.

King of the jungle

your penis
so long so thick so stiff
you hit me, abuse me
use a cigarette end to scald my nipples
have a cigarette to ash into my vagina
only when you are inside me
I can feel that it is love
you are like my adopted son
and also like my stepfather
but I don’t want you to be my husband
and don’t be my lover
I want you to be a tiger or lion
I will be the jungle
you will be the king

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